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 Health Expo is bringing practical programs on "how to feel better and live longer" to people everywhere. They represent the combined effort of medical science, government and non-government agencies, cooperating in making the World Health Organization goal "HEALTH FOR ALL" a reality . . . NOW.

HEALTH EXPO LIFESTYLE PROGRAMS emphasize that "Total Health" means a balance and optimum function of all dimensions of life: Physical, Mental, Social and Spiritual.

Through eight illustrated exhibits, a practical program on "how to live healthfully" is beautifully portrayed in art and action. Community health professionals explain and demonstrate simply and scientifically "Eight Steps to Better Living" through Health Expo health education exhibits. The EXPO visitors are able to see, hear, feel, and even taste the experience of "Total Health" in these eight action-packed centers: 

Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunlight, Temperance, Air, Rest and Trust in Divine Power.

Christian church participation and sponsorship assures that the vital component of faith and motivation of the best human values are present in HEALTH EXPO programs. Thus the highest possible quality of life is presented so that HEALTH FOR ALL is an experience everyone visiting the EXPO may enjoy and share.




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