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HEALTH EXPO features EIGHT ACTION and INFORMATION CENTERS which Illustrate . . . Educate . . . Entertain . . . and Inspire, based on the NEW START theme of Nutrition--Exercise --Water Sunlight --Temperance--Air--Rest --Trust in Divine Power

In each of the illustrated health exhibits, a dimension of health is explained through discussion, demonstration, video, or illustrated lecture. This is following the DIVINE DESIGN. The Seventh-day Adventist Message provides God’s plan for living through a Total Health Lifestyle. Christ’s ministry is to the whole man. He came to make man whole. This is clearly seen in His method of work:

“Jesus went about all Galilee, teaching (mental) in their synagogues, and preaching (spiritual) the Gospel of the Kingdom, and healing (physical) all manner of sickness . . . among the people (social).” Matt. 4:23

His way of working is the pattern for personal and public evangelism today. HEALTH EXPO EVANGELISM features INTEGRATION, INFORMATION, ILLUSTRATION, and INSPIRATION. It is designed to provide clear guidelines for living which blend truth from Scripture with applied patterns for daily life. The EXPO lets people see, hear, taste, feel, and experience the transforming TOTAL HEALTH which Christ offers.

The NEW START theme is from Weimar Institute which is dedicated to “Bringing People Back to Living” and is carried to the world through evangelistic ministries in global evangelism outreach.











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