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There are 24 panels (usually 5 feet by 7 feet each) which make up the 8 Health Expo Exhibits.  The panels can be printed in any size and in any language. Custom images for the exhibits can be incorporated as needed! Please call us at 877-377-9916 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . 

The Health Expo Exhibits follow the acronym N-E-W S-T-A-R-T which represents eight major dimensions of health. Each exhibit provides an opportunity for participants to experience for themselves the creative lifestyle changes needed to live healthfully in our changing society. Families are especially invited as there are activities and exhibits for all age groups. 

The Nutrition Exhibit visitors will observe demonstrations of creative food preparation and taste samples of foods needed to handle the world’s problems of food shortages; high-tech society’s problem of over-nutrition such as obesity; and the problems of the quality of foods consumed, such as too much fat, salt, sugar and refined foods in the typical affluent diet. 

The Exercise Exhibit addresses the issues of a sedentary society in need of refreshing, enjoyable activity. Here one can receive a personalized guideline for developing a personal fitness plan. A computer health evaluation is available with medical counsel by area physicians. 

The Water Exhibit demonstrates the essential value of internal and external use of water for cleanliness and health. Simple hydrotherapy treatments which can safely be given in connection with home health care are demonstrated by physical therapists. 

The Sunlight Exhibit shows how this vital component of life can be safely enjoyed and its maximum benefits experienced. This exhibit also features information about family health and the immune system in protection against infectious diseases. 

The Temperance Exhibit comes from word meaning “self-control.” This exhibit features films and demonstrations relating to the use of drugs, smoking and alcohol. What should be used in moderation and what substances are dangerous to our health and well-being are discussed. Creative alternatives to substance abuse problems are presented. 

The Air Exhibit demonstrates that the necessity of fresh, clean air is life’s most critical requirement. Problems of poor posture, air pollution, breathing impairment as well as positive opportunities for healthful recreation are presented. 

The Rest Exhibit features stress control and awareness of good mental health in relation to a balanced lifestyle. The necessity of sleep and adequate rest are illustrated. There are opportunities for counseling in stress and conflict management. 

The Trust Exhibit shows that Trust in a “Higher Power” provides opportunities for strengthening spiritual resources for healthful living and insight into the relationship of faith and fitness.  



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